Super Talk

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Project Brief

SUPER TALK is a brand and digital experience that brings the world of comics to your fingertips. Imagine finding out everything there is to know about your favorite superhero or super-villain from Marvel Comics on the fly. Now you can! With the help of this app, you will be able to to know information and cool facts about these timeless characters on the go!

Disclaimer - Marvel Comics has the rights to their characters and this brand concept is purely a student passion project. 

UI / UX Design - Branding - Identity - Illustration - Prototyping

Super icons-01.png

Mood Board

I created a mood board of inspirational images, colors, and styles. 



This is a series of icons I created depicting several Marvel comic characters like Thanos and Wolverine. These icons feel the same while maintaining their own personality.    


App wireframe

Here is a wireframe of my the initial SUPER TALK app showing functionality and simplicity of the navigation.  


App promotional video

This video promotes the SUPER TALK app and the functionality of the app.    


Interactive Augmented Reality Advertisements 

These are interactive promotional posters that give the audience of engaging with their favorite Marvel characters through an augmented reality experience powered by Blippar app. Download the app, follow the instructions for each poster, and immersve yourself in the SUPER TALK AR Experience. 


AR experience promotional video 

This video promotes the AR experience of the advertisements promoting by SUPER TALK.


Non-Interactive Advertisements


Instagram posts 

Instagram posts to dive a conversation on social media amongst the fans and people that want to learn more about these supers.