Spongecell Internship Summary


The following are HTML5 digital advertisements I have worked on while interning at award-winning Ad Agency called Spongecell.

Spongecell Home-01.png

01. Ads that drive

Design Challenge

Drive audience to dynamically engage with the dreaded pop-up advertisements and advertisements that start when a webpage is
loaded (VPAID). 

Design Solution

Create dynamic, interactive, and data-driven advertisements while transforming the view of the standard non-interactive advertisements. 


02. The Audience

It is important to keep in mind the consumer and audience when they first engage with digital advertisement on the website or mobile app. In fact, a great percentage of users online do not like advertisements popping up on their browser to begin with. Designing advertisements on the web sound hopeless at this point right? Wrong! The one thing stopping the user from leaving or quitting out of the advertisement is making it an eye-catching and dynamic experience for them.


03. Final Solution

After research, initial sketches, and gathering assets, the advertisements were ready to be designed. Once the advertisements were designed, I used Spongecell's powerful HTML5 in-stream engine. The following are the advertisements I created for different clients during the duration of my internship. 


BMW South Africa

Showcase the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo and its features.

Create an ad that pin points certain features on the Gran
Turismo like headlamps and the glass roof.


BMW South Africa | banner ad 1/3


BMW South Africa | banner ad 2/3


BMW South Africa | banner ad 3/3


Lincoln Motor Company

Showcase three top of the line Lincoln cars (MKZ, MKT, and NAVIGATOR) with their unique features while increasing audience engagement. 

Create a complex three carousel stack with nine slides showcasing unique features about each car.


Panera Bread

Increase engagement with morning/breakfast food lovers. 

Create tag lines to attract morning/breakfast food lovers and use Panera Bread’s recent ad videos to increase engagement.


HULU Entertainment

Increase engagement with comedy lovers of HULU.

Create a carousel featuring current HULU comedy shows
like Drunk History and New Girl.


U.S. Chamber of Commerce 

Increase engagement with voters with current issues
effecting the Metro DC Area and/or nearby communities.

Create a CTA and add a current video talking about the
issue at hand.